Web Resources

Health Literacy
Simple Health, RCLC’s Health Literacy book for low-level readers covers a range of Health and Safety topics and provides contact information for a wide variety of service agencies and businesses in Rogers County.

English Simple Good Health (pdf), MS WORD Version English Simple Good Health (doc), Spanish Simple Good Health (pdf)

Rosetta Stone English Language Learning Software
The English version of Rosetta Stone is installed on reserved desktop computers in the Will Rogers Library in Claremore. Students can study and practice at their own pace. Hardcopies of the individual lessons are available in the folders on the desk. Tutors: Please encourage your students to sign up in advance for study time – each student must be assigned an access ID number to use the software. Check with the Executive Director for access instructions.
General Literacy Topics

Will Rogers Library: link to the Will Rogers Library website in Claremore for access to library news, event schedules, and the library’s catalog of books, DVDs, and other materials available for checkout

Oklahoma Literacy Coalition: link to the Coalition’s website for state and national literacy information and resources for tutors and students

Catoosa Public Library: link to library’s website for library resources and schedules for future learner and tutor training

OK Driver’s License Practice Test: free practice tests for students to take. The questions are like actual questions on the driving exam

ProLiteracy Think Aloud Podcast: a three-part podcast – an overview of the Think Aloud technique, models how to do it, and how to integrate it into your instruction

ProLiteracy From Artifacts to Storyboards: Energize the Adult Literacy Classroom Through Multimedia: tips for tutors and students for using project-based learning to connect through technology with language and literacy needs

ProLiteracy Helping Students Identify Their Reading Goals: strategies for goal setting and monitoring

Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford: links to leveled exercises for basic skills, grammar, health, money, vocabulary, and tutor resources

Version Foundation: online articles and training for tutors, activities for learners.

System for Adult Basic Education Support: tutor reference and resource site

Goodwill Community Foundation: reading, math, listening, and computer training for Microsoft programs. Requires sign-up

Personal Educational Press: tools to print flashcards and word lists

The Internet TESL Journal: links of interest to students and teachers of English as a Second Language. There are currently 10148 registered links.

Media Library of Teaching Skills: short teaching videos for tutors of adult students

Reading Comprehension

Literacynet and Literacyworks: mid to high-level stories from CBS and CNN story archives

EnglishExpress (Alberta, Canada): short beginning and low-level readings and exercises

Into the Book: videos with readings to develop comprehension skills

Learning Phonics

English as a Second Language

YouTube: video showing how to use jazz chants to help with pronunciation.

English Central: free courses and paid membership courses to help with pronounciation. A microphone and speakers are needed

Speaking Your Best: videos and practice to help with pronounciation

Fenetiks, University of Iowa: visual and audio cues for proper pronunciation

Breaking News English: reading, listening, word study, and quizzes based on news stories

News English Lessons: lessons taken from recent news

Okanagan College (Kelowna, BC, Canada): English pronunciation/listening practice

ESL Junction: conversation questions

The Internet TESL Journal: activities for ESL students (podcasts, vocabulary, grammar)

U.S.A. Learns: beginning and intermediate multi-sensory lessons

ESL Mania: new idioms, grammar, accent, lessons in business English, ESL book chapters, teaching tips, and more

About.com: listening, grammar, vocabulary, and more

English Daily: TOEFL vocabulary, slang, proverbs, idioms, grammar

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab: leveled listening practice and comprehension questions

Everyday English: listening practice

ESLgold.net: suggestions for speaking by topic, grammar, pronunciation links

English Club: idioms, blogs, lessons, resources

GenkiEnglish.net: web site for children with phonics activities, including listening; appropriate for adults

Asian American Civic Association: lessons on communicating at work

English for Everyone: exercises on every topic to print (no lessons, just exercises)

Citizenship and Naturalization

US Citizenship and Immigration Service: citizenship and naturalization test application, information, and study resources for tutors and students

Citizenship: Teaching Conversation Strategies in the Citizenship Classroom: podcast; the process for introducing conversation strategy, and how students would use the strategy for the writing and civics tests and the interview

EL Civics Online: citizenship test training and resources for tutors and students

Citizenship – English test scoring guidelines

Citizenship – Reading vocabulary words

Citizenship – Writing vocabulary words

Instructions for the Application for Naturalization (N-400)

A Guide to Naturalization (M-476)

Application for Naturalization (N-400)

Breaking News English: reading, listening, word study, and quizzes based on news stories

Grammar and Comprehension

Using English.com: grammar information and teacher resources

About.com: parts of speech, rules, exercises

Freebooknotes.com: English Homework Help Resource Guide

ESL Galaxy: vocabulary, games, make your own worksheets

Speak Read Write: grammar, reading practice, listening practice, writing skills

Grammar Bytes: definitions, vocabulary, exercises and teacher handouts

Verb Tense Tutorials

English Page: verb tense lessons

Your Dictionary: grammar tutorial and resources

Quizlet: flash cards (make them, view them)

Vocabulary and Spelling

Mrs. Garner’s Classroom: 26 weeks of vocabulary words (5 per week), 6TH grade level and up

Free Rice: quiz site for 60 levels of vocabulary (correct answer definition only displayed)

AAASpell: spelling and vocabulary with exercises, including dictation of spelling list

Quizlet: make flash cards, use other people’s card (lots to choose from)


eNVLM: interactive math modules

AOL Kids: basic math, fractions, geometry, measurement, money, charts, patterns, probability lessons

Khan Academy: videos on basic math

Aplus Math: math lessons and practice

About.com: about, lessons, practice for elementary students and above

Funmaths Game Station: free worksheets up to high school level

Funbrain: reading and math games

AAA Math: addition to algebra with instructions, examples and practice (K-8th grade)


Dictionary.com: dictionary, thesaurus and audio reading of words, graphic organizer of word

Your Dictionary: dictionary, thesaurus and audio reading of words

Merriam Webster: dictionary, thesaurus and audio reading of words

GED Studies and Practice Tests

Prep Works: subject matter for the GED and sample tests

GED Online: a pay-for-membership site featuring official practice tests and feedback for areas of study required for incorrect answers

TestPrepReview: practice test questions and links for subject matter help


Compass: sample test questions for the Compass test

TOEFL Practice: practice for the TOEFL test

Learning Disabilities

LD Online: learning disability information for teachers, students, and parents


Medline Plus, US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health: health information

Healthfinder, US Department of Health & Human Services: health information links

Workforce and Computers

The Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center: ESL toolkit for general construction, landscaping, painting, and plumbing

Palm Beach County Library System: Learning and practicing computer mouse moves