Recursos en la Red

General Literacy Topics

Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford: links to leveled exercises for basic skills, grammar, health, money, vocabulary, and tutor resources

Version Foundation: online articles and training for tutors, activities for learners.

System for Adult Basic Education Support: tutor reference and resource site

Goodwill Community Foundation: reading, math, listening, and computer training for Microsoft programs. Requires sign-up

US Citizenship and Immigration Service: citizenship and naturalization test application, information, and study resources for tutors and students

Personal Educational Press: tools to print flashcards and word lists

The Internet TESL Journal: links of interest to students and teachers of English as a Second Language. There are currently 10148 registered links.

Media Library of Teaching Skills: short teaching videos for tutors of adult students

Reading Comprehension

Literacynet and Literacyworks: mid to high-level stories from CBS and CNN story archives

EnglishExpress (Alberta, Canada): short beginning and low-level readings and exercises

Into the Book: videos with readings to develop comprehension skills

Learning Phonics

English as a Second Language

Breaking News English: reading, listening, word study, and quizzes based on news stories

EL Civics Online: citizenship test training and resources for tutors and students

News English Lessons: lessons taken from recent news

Okanagan College (Kelowna, BC, Canada): English pronunciation/listening practice

ESL Junction: conversation questions

The Internet TESL Journal: activities for ESL students (podcasts, vocabulary, grammar)

U.S.A. Learns: beginning and intermediate multi-sensory lessons

ESL Mania: new idioms, grammar, accent, lessons in business English, ESL book chapters, teaching tips, and more listening, grammar, vocabulary, and more

English Daily: TOEFL vocabulary, slang, proverbs, idioms, grammar

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab: leveled listening practice and comprehension questions

Everyday English: listening practice suggestions for speaking by topic, grammar, pronunciation links

English Club: blogs, lessons, resources web site for children with phonics activities, including listening; appropriate for adults

Asian American Civic Association: lessons on communicating at work

English for Everyone: exercises on every topic to print (no lessons, just exercises)

Citizenship – English test scoring guidelines

Citizenship – Reading vocabulary words

Citizenship – Writing vocabulary words

Instructions for the Application for Naturalization (N-400)

Application for Naturalization (N-400)

A Guide to Naturalization (M-476)

Grammar and Comprehension

Using grammar information and teacher resources parts of speech, rules, exercises

ESL Galaxy: vocabulary, games, make your own worksheets

Speak Read Write: grammar, reading practice, listening practice, writing skills

Grammar Bytes: definitions, vocabulary, exercises and teacher handouts

Verb Tense Tutorials

English Page: verb tense lessons

Your Dictionary: grammar tutorial and resources

Quizlet: flash cards (make them, view them)

Vocabulary and Spelling

Mrs. Garner’s Classroom: 26 weeks of vocabulary words (5 per week), 6TH grade level and up

Free Rice: quiz site for 60 levels of vocabulary (correct answer definition only displayed)

AAASpell: spelling and vocabulary with exercises, including dictation of spelling list

Quizlet: make flash cards, use other people’s card (lots to choose from)


eNVLM: interactive math modules

AOL Kids: basic math, fractions, geometry, measurement, money, charts, patterns, probability lessons

Aplus Math: math lessons and practice about, lessons, practice for elementary students and above

Funmaths Game Station: free worksheets up to high school level

Funbrain: reading and math games

AAA Math: addition to algebra with instructions, examples and practice (K-8th grade)

Dictionaries dictionary, thesaurus and audio reading of words, graphic organizer of word

Your Dictionary: dictionary, thesaurus and audio reading of words

Merriam Webster: dictionary, thesaurus and audio reading of words


Compass: sample test questions for the Compass test

TOEFL Practice: practice for the TOEFL test

GED Online: a pay-for-membership site featuring official practice tests and feedback for areas of study required for incorrect answers

TestPrepReview: practice test questions and links to study help

Learning Disabilities

LD Online: learning disability information for teachers, students, and parents


Medline Plus, US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health: health information

Uealthfinder, US Department of Health & Human Services: health information links


The Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center: ESL toolkit for general construction, landscaping, painting, and plumbing